Core Distribution Services

Core Distribution Services

Freight Hauling/Put-away

Proper staging or put-away of product once it has been received and sorted is essential to inventory accuracy and availability. Eclipse Industrial Athletes (IA’s) work as “Runners” or Put-Away personnel to safely and efficiently move finished pallets to staging areas or to rack locations.

Order Fulfillment

Whether it isOrder Selection”, “Fulfillment”, or “Picking” – Our Industrial Athletes (IA’s) are accustomed to working in a wide range of pick environments and with different tools.  Eclipse IA’s operate traditional scan gun equipment, Gladiator wrist units, or Voice activated software like Vox, or Vocollect. Eclipse’s Incentive Pay Plans work well in pick to light, pick to belt, pick to carton, and multi-tier pick modules.

Traditional Selector roles in Grocery and Food & Beverage settings require heavy lifting, a knack for building a stable pallet, and often occur in climate controlled environments – all perfect factors for Eclipse’s Industrial Athletes.

E-Commerce presents different challenges with quick response times, pack-out stations, varying pick modules and product types.  Again, the Eclipse model improves performance by focusing Industrial Athletes efforts on productivity and quality.

Forklift Operators

To support many of our client’s operations, Eclipse provides Forklift Operators, or Material Handling Equipment Operators of all types and ratings: Cherry Pickers, Double pallet jacks, walkie-riders, order selectors, sit down forklift, stand-up and other models.  And, Eclipse handles the required OSHA training and certification process for you – site specific, and equipment specific.

VAS (Value Added Services)

Eclipse staffs and manages several operations for our clients that include Value Added Services.  From Tagging/Retagging, Repackaging, Returns Processing, and Tote Management (cleaning, relabeling)- Eclipse IA’s outperform the competition.  Our Performance Based Management and Incentive Plans can take the most mundane tasks and add a level of motivation and pace that are not achieved in an hourly environment.

Inventory Control

Eclipse provides Cycle Counters for the necessary inventory audit work in your Distribution Center. Our Incentive plans can be tailored to key inventory metrics like location and quantity accuracy. Key for Replenishment and Picking teams to avoid stock-outs, flag receiving errors, identify product availability, shrinkage issues, receiving accuracy and verification of product location.

“Eclipse has been a strategic partner for us helping solve some of our toughest labor challenges.  And, our docks have never run better”

– VP of Logistics major Foodservice company

Loading – Truck, Rail, Container:

Our Industrial Athletes (IA’s) are up for the physical demands and unique nature of the Outbound process.  Our IA’s understand the importance of loading a trailer “High and Tight” with the goal of maximizing cube, while properly loading trailers to meet weight restrictions.  Many operations we work in also have a sequence requirement – i.e. by store, stop or by SKU – depending on the client.  Eclipse can offer solution based on price per case or pallet with performance tied to productivity and quality.