Customizable Technology Solutions (CTS)

Technology Solutions

Eclipse’s Customizable Technology Solutions is all part of our overall distribution center service offerings to help optimize your Supply Chain – getting product unloaded safely, accurately, and efficiently to our customers and their supplier’s specifications.

Data Anytime Anywhere Solutions

As a strategic partner, Eclipse has the ability to track virtually any KPI information needed to effectively manage your operations with our Customizable Technologies Solutions (“CTS”) and cloud based “data anytime / anywhere” reporting platform. Warehouse Service Activities, trackable POs’, KPIs, documented damages, online receipts, and many more are all accessible through our on-line web-based portal for our clients and transportation carriers alike.

Here are some examples of data that can be captured on site through our web-based portal:

  • PO Number
  • Delivery Date and Location
  • Appointment Time
  • ASN Capture and Verification
  • Driver Delay Time and Reason Code
  • Check-in and Check-out Dates and Times
  • Dwell Time and Unload Times
  • Load Type and Description
  • Weight
  • Number of Cases
  • Number of Delivered and Finished Pallets
  • Number of Billing Units for piece or Per/Hr. based billing actives
  • Photo upload feature that ties pertinent images to its respective shipping info
  • Damaged Goods Documentation and Image Capture
  • Payment Type and Amount
  • Additional Commentary/ Notes field to capture notes related to the shipment or special charges/billing requirements.
  • 20 Additional PO Number Fields for Multi PO Loads
  • 30+ Custom Fields for customer specific data capture needs.
  • And Many More…

Business Intelligence and Reporting Solutions

Whether its utilizing data from our reporting platform or creating a custom solution for our partners, Eclipse technology services can develop reporting to meet each customer’s specific needs.

Eclipse provides important metrics for our clients to use with internal information to better manage their business. Sample reports highlighted below such as Finished Pallets, Unload Times and Cases per Hour – help our clients manage their appointment times and volume on the dock to create optimal flow of product in their facility.

At Eclipse, we firmly believe “What gets measured, gets managed”. Eclipse also provides a custom Web Based Key Performance Indicators (or “KPI”) report for our clients that can be used as an overall Scorecard for the operation. Key data from Eclipse on items like availability of staff, turnover, overtime hours, and volume numbers on trailers/loads, pallets, and cases handled provide a snapshot of the overall health of the operation. This report can be used to quantify Eclipse’s effectiveness and how well we are working within our client’s operation as well as documenting trends, seasonality, and dynamics within the client’s business. How’s that for Transparency and Accountability?

Here are some of the more common reports used by many of our customers today:

  • Historical PO Search Reporting
  • Unload Cost by Vendor and Carrier
  • Unload Time by Vendor and Carrier
  • OS&D by Vendor and Carrier
  • ASN analysis by Vendor and Carrier
  • Cases, Totes and Pallets Per Hour
  • Pallet Flow
  • Operational Reporting
  • Staffing and Tenure Reporting
  • Inventory Management
  • Receiving Scorecards
  • Productivity Reports
  • Direct Invoicing
  • Invoice Support Files
  • EDI Extracts and B2B data integration
  • Eclipse also provides “Adhoc Reporting on Demand”. – Our team of reporting specialists will develop custom one off Reports and web-based Business Intelligence tools by customer request. Many of which can be turned around in just a few business days or less.

EDI & B2B Data Integration:

For Customers with a EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) solution or wish to share Invoicing and /or shipping Information with their 3PL provider directly, Eclipse advantage is EDI compatible and can send and receive data across various APIs and in a variety of data file formats to suite your business’s data transfer needs.

Examples include:

  • EDI 810 Compatible File Formats for Invoicing
  • XML and CVS Export and Imports
  • Web Services / APIs