Inbound Services

Inbound Services

Unloading – Truck, Rail, Container

Eclipse is the industry leader in unloading floor loaded, palletized, or slip sheet product, in the quickest and safest manner possible. Eclipse’s unique approach to incentives – Pool Pay – reinforces Teamwork on the dock and creates improved product flows from the Truck, Railcar, or Container into your facility.

Sort & Segregate

Accurate Sort and Segregate is essential for efficient receiving and put-away functions in our customer environments. Eclipse Industrial Athletes are trained at sorting product by SKU, stacking to proper Ti-Hi specs, using corner boards and shrink wrap to your requirements. Eclipse can provide the labor and management to ensure loads are sorted efficiently and accurately.


Eclipse has expanded its role in the modern warehouse to handling receiving functions for clients as well. Eclipse receives in all types of environments including, but limited to, direct to manifest, RF scan guns, and using various WMS like PKMS (Manhattan), Red Prairie, SAP, Oracle, or our customers internal technology. Eclipse Receivers are productive and accurate and exceed standards on all receiving metrics and at a fixed price per finished pallet or case.

Palletized/Slip Sheet

Whether it’s a straight load, Double stacked, Pinwheeled, or on slip sheets – Eclipse has experienced forklift operators to unload your product safely and efficiently. Eclipse trains and certifies its Industrial Athletes on Material Handling Equipment…

What Our Clients Are Saying

“An attribute that sets Eclipse apart from other service providers is the flat organization and ability to move quickly”

- Retail Supply Chain Executive , National Retailer

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I appreciate the focus displayed with respect to how they support the way I serve my customer”

- Retail Food DC Manager , Canada

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As important as price and service is that I can count on you to keep my best interests in mind as well”

- Supply Chain Manager , Southeast U.S. Food Retailer

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