Janitorial / Sanitation Services

Janitorial / Sanitation Services

Our labor model works for Janitorial/Sanitation Services too!  Eclipse employs a wide range of incentives and tools to help keep our IA’s that are performing cleaning functions motivated and focused on the tasks at hand.  Eclipse services several Grocery Warehouse sites providing Management, staff (IA’s), and supplies….

Daily Cleaning

Eclipse provides a wide of standard janitorial services on a daily basis.  On the Office side, our team is trained and prepared to clean restrooms, breakrooms, office space, and conference rooms.  Cleaning can entail, light dusting, trash removal, sweeping/vacuuming and wipe down. On the Distribution side our IA’s clean restrooms, breakrooms, and outside dock areas and perform duties like trash pick-up, recycling and bailing of cardboard or plastic, sweeping and aisle support.

Deep cleaning

Eclipse provides solutions for extensive, extra cleaning that is required for FDA compliance in food grade warehouses.  Deep cleaning can involve sanitation level activities to include wiping down walls, floor scrubbing, warehouse dust removal, cleaning of industrial plastic curtains and dividers.  Eclipse is familiar with Safe Food Quality (SFQ) compliance for regular audits, both internal and external in nature.

Floor sweeper/Scrubbers

To support many of our client’s operations, Eclipse provides Equipment Operators for various types of floor sweepers and scrubbers.  And, Eclipse handles the required OSHA training and certification process for you – site specific, and equipment specific.

What Our Clients Are Saying

“An attribute that sets Eclipse apart from other service providers is the flat organization and ability to move quickly”

- Retail Supply Chain Executive , National Retailer

What Our Clients Are Saying

“I appreciate the focus displayed with respect to how they support the way I serve my customer"

- Retail Food DC Manager , Canada

What Our Clients Are Saying

“As important as price and service is that I can count on you to keep my best interests in mind as well"

- Supply Chain Manager , Southeast U.S. Food Retailer

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