Our History

Our History

Since 2003, Eclipse has helped People earn a better living through our innovative approach to Team Incentives and Performance Based pay. In the process, we’ve helped Companies, too – from Fortune 50 to small start-ups – improve their overall dock flow and throughput while reducing labor costs, minimizing safety risks, and maintaining quality.

Eclipse was literally “born on the docks” as we began as a traditional “Lumping Service” with a unique pay concept – Team Based Pay AND- a Focus on our Employees. From those beginnings years ago in Florida, Eclipse has grown and expanded, both in geography and services.  Eclipse now operates in 30 states and 6 Canadian provinces while providing a wide range of Supply Chain People Solutions for our clients.  Our core services now include: Unloading/Loading services, Receiving/Put-away, Selection or Picking, Tote Management, and Sanitation/Janitorial Services. We also work directly and adjacent to a variety of Automated Warehousing Solutions.

As Eclipse continues to add resources and talent to support our continued growth, we have never lost sight of our core values:

  • Rewarding our Industrial Athletes for their Safety, and Performance
  • Being an accountable Partner to both our clients and our team members
  • Driving results for our clients.

Today we capture those core values in the three simple yet powerful words you see in our logo: “Serve, Safe, Succeed”. We look forward to continuing to make a difference in the lives of our Industrial Athletes and the ever-changing Supply Chain and we’re ready to SERVE you!