Team Philosophy

Team Philosophy

At Eclipse, we believe in the Power of Teamwork.  Our Industrial Athletes are compensated through a performance incentive concept we call “Pool Pay”.  By emphasizing Teamwork, we reduce the risk of favoritism while rewarding the collective effort to get the job done for our clients in the quickest and safest way possible.  Our IA’s are highly motivated to achieve high productivity and quality and we see a higher retention rate due to the inherent comradery and vested interest they have for one another.

Industrial Athletes

Why do we refer to our employees as Industrial Athletes?  Just like athletes in general, Eclipse Industrial Athletes (“IA’s”) have these same qualities that are critical for success:

  • Teamwork: Athletes know how to leverage their unique skills within the team and to put the needs of the team ahead of their own in order to win. Eclipse IA’s are incented as a Team and just like on the gridiron, the baseball diamond, or the basketball court, we “Win” as a Team.
  • Great Work Ethic: Athletes have a natural drive for training and practice in order to get faster, better, stronger. And, Athletes know that “Hard work… still works”.
  • Goal Driven:  Athletes understand goals and working to achieve them. They learn to work smarter, not just harder. And, as they learn to become more effective they become more efficient.
  • Skilled: Athletes are good at adapting to different work with the need for flexibility and cross-functional skills. But, Athletes also have the ability to focus on one thing and be really great at it.
  • Coachable: Every good athlete – even the great ones – recognize the need for a Coach. Someone to listen to, to lead you, someone to help push you, develop you, and make you better.

Become One Of Our Industrial Athletes

We have the highest hiring standards, employee-focused culture, a strong safety record, historically low turnover, empowered on-site management, productivity improvements, compelling pricing, superior technology, personal relationships, profit sharing opportunities and financial strength.

Are you ready to join a TEAM of motivated players? A TEAM that will push you… make you better… and in the process provide you with more than just a paycheck? Come see what “Serve, Safe, Succeed” mean for you.