Why Eclipse

Why Eclipse?

You need a partner and a solution that has built-in accountability by creating visibility to your labor costs while delivering productivity improvements for your operation.

Supply Chain People Solutions

The world is ever-changing and as a result, so is your Supply Chain.  With the increasing demands of e-Commerce and the dynamics in the labor market (increasing wages, labor shortages, low unemployment, demographic shifts, etc.), you need a comprehensive solution designed for today’s Supply Chain needs.  That partner is Eclipse and our solution is a comprehensive combination of Management Resources with a Motivated and Engaged Workforce known as Industrial Athletes delivered in a Performance Based Model through a Variable Cost Structure (per unit pricing).


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Our People

It starts with Our People – Industrial Athletes – who make the difference.  We believe the days of the Minimum Wage Warehouse Worker are over.  Our mission is to provide life-changing work for our employees with pay based on their performance that allows them to earn more money in less time/hours at work. More money in less time/hours allows People to take care of their families and their futures without sacrificing lifestyle and family time.  Eclipse does this through Team Pay plans that provide our Industrial Athletes with rewards, recognition, motivation, incentive, and empowerment.  We add to our industry leading pay structure a comprehensive benefit plan that includes Health Insurance, Dental and Vision insurance, Vacation/PTO, and a 401(k).   Sound too good to be true?  It’s not!  Come experience the Eclipse difference for yourself.


Wage Philosophy

Fixed hourly rates can de-motivate employees, and lead to lower performance. Most Executives and Sales Professionals are compensated by a base salary PLUS commission, or performance incentives, or stock options, or bonuses…or all of the above. So why limit employee wages to a static hourly rate of $10/hr. to $12/hr. and expect to get superior results in your Distribution Center?  Let Eclipse show you the power of Performance Pay and the Results our model delivers.

Eclipse believes in a fair Base Wage for our Industrial Athletes with unlimited potential in Incentives that are directly tied to their performance and that of their teammates.  If you’re in a highly competitive wage market or have had increases in the minimum wage – let Eclipse show you the difference our approach can make.

Business Model

Eclipse IA uses a comprehensive business model to address productivity and quality improvements while maximizing employee pay without increasing your costs.  How? Our IA’s are compensated for their effort, accuracy, and performance unlike typical labor models that are hourly based with set wages.

Eclipse’s model is designed to drive value and reduce waste within your operation while delivering Accountability and Visibility to your labor costs through a variablized cost structure by paying a fixed price per unit for your labor.  The result is the reduction or elimination of cost variances while improving productivity and worker efficiency.