Eclipse IA SVP, Client and Operational Strategy | Cody McSwain


SVP, Client and Operational Strategy

As Senior Vice President of Client and Operational Strategy of Eclipse Advantage, Cody McSwain leverages nearly 20 years of supply chain experience and brings industry-leading expertise in CPU (Cost Per Unit) workforce solutions and unloading. He manages the company’s key relationships.

Cody joined Eclipse IA in 2015 to lead the Operations team as VP of Operations for the U.S., and has since helped grow the business significantly through his deep industry relationships. He prides himself on his skill at identifying and addressing client needs quickly and thoroughly. He credits that talent with helping him increase revenue contributions by 60% per year, adding over $25 million in annualized revenue.

He is a graduate of The Citadel, and currently lives in Montana. He enjoys exploring the great outdoors with his family, big-game hunting, skiing, and caring for his horses.

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