We Link the Potential in People to our Customers

Our clients trust us to keep their products moving with fast and flexible managed supply chain workforce solutions.

Energize your distribution center with our managed supply chain workforce solutions.

You’ll find our employees wherever businesses thrive on supply chains to move inventory. We are on docks, in warehouses, at manufacturing plants, on production and assembly lines.

Our clients trust us to keep their products moving. We keep their businesses in motion. And we take that responsibility seriously. Plus, with our continued investment in technology, we deliver clear reporting on productivity. Knowing the health of your operations provides measurable peace-of-mind on all things, from retention to safety.

About Us
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We Are a Supply Chain Focused, People First Company

We Are Proud To Link The Potential in People To Our Customers

Eclipse IA specializes in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of supply chains. With our comprehensive, flexible workforce solutions, our clients gain maximum productivity, transparent labor-expense tracking, and unrivaled accountability.

As industry pioneers, we leverage cutting-edge technology and implement a multilevel recruitment process to consistently identify and attract top talent. Our competitive wages, enticing benefits and bonuses, and retention-focused programs ensure their long-term satisfaction (in other words, they are there when you need them).

Since 2003, we have successfully supported a diverse range of clients—including Fortune 500 companies and ambitious start-ups—in optimizing their operations. By reducing labor costs, mitigating safety risks, and delivering superior quality, we empower our employees to earn their best living while delivering exceptional value via peak performance.

We Are Where You Are

We Have Industrial Athlete Workers Ready for Work at Your Site

With 150 locations across the United States and Canada, we already have boots on the ground in your community. Contact us and we will quickly deploy our local team to recruit top talent in your area. Get staffed sooner!


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