Unlock a Stronger Workforce with Cost Per Unit

Output-based pay incentivizes workers to be team players. The result: Individuals work together to complete tasks in the most efficient, effective way possible. Everyone scores!

We Understand Your Challenges

Labor recruiting struggles, delays, supply chain disruptions, and related issues threaten your daily operations. 

Warehouses reporting labor recruitment as a top challenge


Organizations wanting to implement new processes


Warehouses planning to increase staff in the next 3 years


Companies shipping increased volumes


We Provide Proven Solutions

Our cost per unit model revolutionizes workforce management by focusing on output. We take this to the next level with our team-based cost per unit, or productivity pay system, an incentive pay system that rewards all team members with the same rate of pay. It’s how we manage fast work done right. 

This innovative approach is super successful in improving performance, retaining talented workers, and stabilizing costs for our clients.

Temporary Staffing Model

  Pay By the Hour 

  Turnover in Excess of 300%

  Minimal Productivity Incentive

 Limited Return on Investment

  Staying Competitive Deducts from Your Bottom Line

Individual or Team-Based Cost Per Unit

  Pay Per Unit  (Athletes Paid Individually or as A Team)

  65% Increased Employee Retention

  High Incentive for Teamwork & Efficiency

  Fixed-Rate Predictable Pricing

  Up to 10% More Savings in One Year

Our Clients Experience …


Gain in Productivity


Higher Retention


Higher Wages


Fixed Pricing

… by Using Eclipse IA Workforce Solutions!

Our Full-Service Workforce Solutions Are Fueled by Innovative Technology

Track progress and key performance indicators with our customizable technology, a cloud-based reporting platform that provides access to data anytime and anywhere. Retrieve updates on warehouse activities, trackable POs, documented damages, online receipts, and other pertinent information. Timely knowledge at a glance through this online portal empowers our clients and carriers.


Track Business

Improve Your Inbound Flow

Our Dock Management System captures any bottlenecks so you can react for optimum efficiency. Benefit from:

  Real-time tracking of inbound loads
  Upload daily schedules
  Managed timestamps
  Logged inbound truck transactions
  A live dashboard readable on multiple monitor displays

Monitor live trafic

We Monitor the Health of Your Operation

We share critical metrics our clients need to perfect their business:

  Staff availability
  Turnover rates
  Overtime hours invested
  Volume numbers on trailers/loads, pallets, and cases
  Product flow
  Customized reports

Record data

Time Keeping Through Mobile Geofencing

Geofencing provides greater accountability at the site level.

  •   Workers clock in and out via mobile phones
  •  Individuals must be onsite to clock in and out with location finder
  •  Management can continuously monitor to protect against lost employee productivity

Dock Management

Performance Reporting

Time Keeping

"They are truly an extension of our company..."

What’s great about working with the Eclipse team is that they are truly an extension of our company. They are on-site and so their only business is knowing our business. They are always responsive to our needs—day or night. They try to rectify problems both small and large so I don’t have to worry about it. They make my job as an Operations Manager much easier by taking staff management off my plate. I couldn’t do it without them.

Christine | Operations Manager in the Chicagoland Area


"They've seamlessly streamlined our operations"

With Eclipse’s expertise in unloading dock services, they've seamlessly streamlined our operations. We are expanding our partnership with Eclipse to include another distribution center. We appreciate their hard work and dedication!

Larry | Director of Operations, Wilson Sporting Goods


"Huge time savings!"

Eclipse IA’s customizable dock management system has greatly helped me combat detention charges, and decreased the amount of time it takes to gather information to make a decision. In the past I would have to communicate with the guard and Eclipse, and look up information in our receiving program and then also talk to receiving staff. All of that has been completely eliminated. Huge time savings!

Kim | Client and Warehouse Supervisor, Grocery Industry


"A true beneficial partnership"

Eclipse came to our attention as they are a partner across multiple NFI sites. We required assistance with a short-term, travel-team project to support case selection for our outbound operations. Their commendable productivity, consistency, and eagerness to tackle any necessary tasks have made them a valuable extension of our team. This initial collaboration has evolved into an enduring relationship, solidifying a true and beneficial partnership.

Gerald | General Manager, NFI


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