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We provide full-service, onsite supply chain workforce solutions that achieve proven results.

We Unload the Stress so Our Clients Can Focus on What They Do Best

Eclipse IA uses a proprietary combination of high-performance Industrial Athletes, a productivity team-pay structure, and comprehensive supply chain workforce solutions, inclusive of lumping, loading, order selection, kitting, and all other services that support our clients’ evolving supply chain needs—including the need to stay within budget.

Outsourced Managed Embedded Solution

We supervise our workers and own the performance so you can focus on your business.

Safety With

We take a proactive, intentional approach to safety, with onsite managers who put employees’ safety first.

Experts in Cost Reduction

We guarantee a 10-25% savings in year one. And you always know the costs associated with our labor. 


Full-service workforce solutions streamlined for success.

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Our Most-Requested Workforce Services

Inbound Services

  Unloading (Domestic/Import)


  Quality Control

  Sorting & Organizing

  Scanning & Labeling

Outbound Services

  Order Fulfillment

  Case Selection

   Conveyable Unit Selection

  Voice Pick


Ancillary Services

  Order Fulfillment

  Cross Docking

   Kitting and Assembly

  Inventory Management

  Reverse Logistics

Looking for a specific service to support your industry? Let's make it happen!

Our Cost Per Unit Pay Model Yields Big Gains for Our Clients

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Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs

Guess-free labor expenses

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Big Savings

Up to 25% yearly savings for you

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Improved Retention

Improved work environment

We Partner With Businesses of All Sizes across Diverse Industries

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing & Distribution

Onsite management and an experienced team ensures peak productivity and accountability in warehouse and distribution centers.

Retail & Ecommerce

Retail & Ecommerce

Our streamlined managed unloading and loading solutions are critical for retail and e-commerce businesses, where quick turnaround is key.

Grocer & Food Service

Grocer & Food Service

We have deep expertise in food distribution, where there’s a need to support temperature control, traceability, and strict regulatory compliance.

Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

Our workforce solutions are efficient and flexible, providing improved picking & packing throughput across your production line.

We Proudly Partner with Top Companies

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