Eclipse IA VP, Business Development | Stephen Dee


VP, Business Development, Eclipse IA  

Stephen Dee joined Eclipse IA as the VP of Business Development in the spring of 2023. For over 20 years, he’s been leading the charge for competitive organizations through logistics and supply chain business development. All the while, he’s established new markets, pivoted with industry changes, and driven sales growth. Now, he brings those talents to Eclipse IA.

Recognized as an energetic and charismatic top performer with a superior work ethic, Stephen has a high level of integrity. He has a demonstrated track record of truly finding out what solution(s) work best for the client and the organization he represents, thereby creating true partnerships that prove to be sustainable for both parties. He is not afraid to ask the "hard" questions in his efforts to uncover the feasibility of a "business match" between the client our company.

His knowledgeable expertise shines in the warehousing, supply chain, and logistics industries. No matter the project, he’s always ready to learn about new products, services, philosophies, and tactics to improve the end result. 

When he’s not hard at work investing in the business, Stephen is a true family man. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three girls, hunting, and fishing.

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